E1:[The Human Condition]


This is an experiment on the relation between renderings, professional photography, and amateur reality. It appropriates the title and the format of a 1933 painting by Rene Magritte that depicts a landscape, and a painting of the same landscape, that overlap almost perfectly. The intention of the experiment is to graphically analyze the distance between the reality constructed by professional photography and renderings, and amateur images.


Two different types of samples can be used to conduct the experiment:

A// A contemporary building in Houston that has been published in architectural media. In this case, the amateur pictures can be taken by the student and the point of view between the different images can be easily merged.

B// A contemporary well-known building that has been widely published in architectural media and, in addition, is likely to have been photographed in websites like Flickr or Panoramio. The challenge in this option is to find out an amateur image with the same perspective of the render / professional picture.

In both cases, the following combinations are acceptable:

Render + Amateur Pic // Pro Pic + Amateur Pic //Render + Pro pic


The experiment has to be presented in two formats:

BLOG// A single post containing a JPEG with the photomontage: [640 pixels width / X pixels height].

OWLSPACE// A high-quality JPEG of the photomontage: [1800 pixels width / X pixels height].

UPLOAD DEADLINE                                                                            Tuesday, September 15  // 7:00PM

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