Visual Codes of Architecture, Facilitating and Challenging Self-Aestheticization, Ornament and Form

Online and in person, we live aesthetically.

The aesthetic is an abstract ideal in visual terms, built on sets of referents, real or representational but never fully encompassed by a particular example. It extends the visual implications of a work beyond its physical dimensions, sometimes in contrast to its internal relationships or declarations, reducing the individual work to a mere example in a larger ideal set, real or imagined. The aesthetic is subjective, an artificially constructed body of viral visual sensibilities that reorganizes the infinitely accessible flatland of Flee Market internet-accessible material into easy, fast, color-coded shallow pools. The aesthetic equates reality with its image as a matter of course; it addresses a consistent onslaught of media by negating any abstract save that of visual relationships.

Through compressing the superficial and abstract qualities of a building, one might engage the ways each dictates our understanding of the built environment.

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