E2_MUTATIONSThis experiment explores the ability of repetition and reproduction to de-contextualize architecture. When a building is turned into an image that becomes its representation in the media realm, it rapidly embarks upon a journey that ignores its actual presence in physical reality.

Six mutations of photographs of well-known contemporary buildings will be produced in order to foster a reflection on the permanence of architecture in the space of the image. Two questions are crucial for this reflection. Will the projects preserve their identity after the mutation process? To what extent are pictures an independent object that separates architecture from reality?


• The samples for the experiment are provided by the instructor and can be downloaded here. In addition, a PSD template for the mosaic can be downloaded here.

• Each student should produce five mutations of his/her sample, using fragments of existing architectural pictures to transform the materiality and form of his/her building. Be smart, the legibility of the original in each mutation shouldn’t be lost.

• All mutations and the original photograph have to be combined in a mosaic of 3×2 pictures.

• Realism is key for this assignment; the more realistic the mutation, the higher the difficulty to identify the original.


BLOG /// A post containing a single JPEG with all six mutations (original sample + 5 mutations). Size: [1200 pixels width / 667 pixels height]. Post title: E1:[MUTATIONS] /// Name Surname

OWLSPACE /// A high-quality JPEG: [2700 pixels width / 1500 pixels height]


Tuesday, September 13 @ 6PM

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