e2_mutationsTo look for a job online can be a painful task for an architect. Many of the opportunities listed under the tag ‘architect’ are no longer related to building design but to software development (Java, Splunk, Lead…). A quick search in Google can act as a very explicit witness for the predominance of the virtual realm in the construction of today’s society.

This assignment explores the ability of architectural representation to become a critical tool in the description of this realm. By spatializing the abstract relations that take place in some of the most visited architecture websites, we will reclaim the capacity to expose some of the links, constraints and ties that define the space where many projects are conceived today.


• In groups of four/five people, students should analyze and spatialize the structure of one of the following blogs: Archdaily, Dezeen, Architizer or Designboom.

• Each group should produce a single drawing in oblique perspective interpreting the different spaces and elements that conform the homepage of each blog, as well as the relations between them. The rotation of the oblique should be 30o.

• The ability to turn a flat, abstract interface into a formal construction will be the most important factor to be assessed by the instructor. Be imaginative.

• Lines and images can be used in the definition of the drawings. The latter are optional, but the former should be present in all representations.


BLOG /// A post containing a single JPEG with the oblique .Size: [1200 pixels width / 900 pixels height]. Post title: E1:[ECOSYSTEM] /// Name Surname

OWLSPACE /// A high-quality JPEG: [2400 pixels width / 1800 pixels height] of the oblique + the oblique in Illustrator or Photoshop.


Tuesday, October 04 @ 6PM

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